Body cells produce tumor markers in response to cancer and other non cancerous conditions. These tumor markers are also produced by cancer tumor cells. But, these tumor marker cells are highly produced in cancerous conditions and can be found in our blood, urine, stool and other body fluids of cancer patients. Hence, apart from other tests the doctors also advice us to get the blood and biomarker test performed.

mesothelioma blood test

There are many different type of tumor markers. Some are used for only a particular type of cancer and there are others which can be used for two or three type of cancers. But, there is no one universal type of tumor marker that can be used for all the type of cancers.

Use of tumor markers in the detection of cancer

The elevated level of a tumor marker combined with other imaging and biopsy tests help the doctor in the detection of cancer. In some of the cancers the tumor marker level also suggests the stage of the disease. The tumor marker level blood test can also be conducted during the treatment to see if the cancer is responding to a particular treatment or not. If the tumor marker level is still increased and high, the cancer is not responding to the treatment. If the tumor marker level is decreasing and returning to its normal level in the body then it means that the cancer is responding to the particular treatment. The tumor marker test can also be performed after the completion of the treatment to see the re-occurrence of the disease. Some companies are using advance Healthcare ERP to manage all data about this kind of test.

 Biomarker tests for Mesothelioma

Blood and biomarker tests are very important in Mesothelioma because usually it has been noted that an amino acid chain or protein is found elevated in the patients of Mesothelioma. There are mainly three different tests that help assist in the proper diagnosis and prognosis of Mesothelioma. These tests involve

  • Mesomark
  • CA125
  • Fibulin- 3


Patients of Mesothelioma have a high amount of Soluble Mesothelin related Peptides in their body and blood stream. And hence the study of this amino acid marker is performed


CA125 is a natural antigen present in malignant cancer cells. It is also present in malignant Epithelioid Mesothelioma. It is measured from blood and fluid taken from the affected body part.


Fibulin-3 is a protein found in the plasma of patients having Mesothelioma. This test is still in its developmental stage, but, this can also help detect Mesothelioma in earlier stages and hence will also help in early diagnosis.


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